There once was a leprechaun named Claire
She had a great fashion flare.
Claire's friend's name is Lizzie,
Who's rarely busy,
Her house is in the air.


There once was a name named Jacob Drake
If you saw him your ankles would brake.
He played basketball,
We would dunk on y'all,
All day he will make you ache.


There once was a puppy named Hannah
Her best friend's name was Anna.
She was not fat,
She liked to chat,
She usually wore a bandanna.


There once was a girl who liked to swirl
She always wears a pearl.
Her mom was funny,
Her dad was a bunny,
And her wig had many a curl.


There once was a boy named Lance
Who no longer fit into his pants.
He had grown quite fat,
And he behaved like a brat,
So, his parents sent him off to France.


There once was a blob of gum
If you eat it, you won't say "yum."
Its flavor is cherry,
I wish it were berry,
No wonder it's so dumb!


There once was a girl named Carrie
She was always hairy.
She liked to sing,
She like the king,
She had a big, funny friend named Jerry.


There once was a duck named Ned
He slept in a king-sized bed.
He won first prize,
With tears in his eyes,
But I think that it went to his head.