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Shakespeare Xperience

Welcome to this pernicious hour

While the witches are creating the potent potion

Macbeth is craving sovereignty

They charmed the pot under the moon's exlipse

Macbeth came out of the shadows

The witches conjure an enchanting secret

Thrice they are visited by apparitions

Amazingly the witches disappear

Macbeth wants to put Macduff in an eternal slumber

But until then his dreads will exploit him


by Madeleine, Pat, Molly, Steven, Mariam and Elizabeth


The Repercussions of Greed

Macbeth will say.

Macduff will pay.


Macbeth demands gold-bound power

By the hour.


"Double, Double, toil and trouble,"

The witches say, "The cauldron will bubble."


"Macbeth, Macbeth, Macbeth.

Beware of Macduff.  For that is enough."


And yet Macbeth will say.

Macbeth will pay.


by Lindsay, Erin, Mark, Max and Glynis


Shakesperean Diamante


Lion-mettled, proud

Blaspheming, enchanting, pricking

Do not be proud, or you will not be satisfied.

Witches, apparitions



by Angie, Tara, Beth, Scott and David K.


Take Advice or Pay the Price

Thrice the Witches speak,

Venom boild in the charmed pot,

With other entrials the Witches got.

Macbeth opens the locks,

After he knocks.

His future he demands to see,

And the apparitions show and come as three.

Macduff he vows to kill,

But hast fled to England over the hill.

Gone the Witches now are they,

So when an apparition comes to thee,

Listen and you will see.


by Lauren, Ann Marie, Ariel, Brian B., David B. and Corbin

  Power-Hungry Macbeth

As the witches throw ingredients in the cauldron,

Like an adder's fork and tiger's chaudron.


Hecate comes as the cauldron bubbles,

And with Macbeth's knock comes more troubles.


First and second apparitions come and soon depart.

The third comes to grieve his heart.


Its words leave Macbeth full of fear.

Soon after, the three witches all disappear.


Lennox comes, asking Macbeth's will,

And Macbeth says Macduff he will kill.


by Brian S., Tyler, Katie, Bridge, Meredith and Jimmy



Macbeth as Lord dismissed the dead that the wicked hags did charm.

The apparitions haunt thy castles and churches.

Mark this pernicious day on your calendar that the witches bring their

Cauldron and add to their gruel liver, ears, eyeballs, and blood.

Beware Macduff!

by Paige, Kathleen, Chris and Tom

  Macbeth's Delirium

The pernicious midnight hour

Witch's visions full of power

Macbeth, a power ravin'd man

The firstlings of his heart.

Were the firstlings of his hand

Apparitions spoke poisonous cries

Witches are full of surprise

Witches vanquish Macbeth's delights,

By showing him horrible sights

The cauldron boils and bubbles,

To get Macbeth into many troubles.


by Kenny, Becky, Jonathan, Megan, Alex and Brian O.


Thrice around the cauldron

Throw in frog's chaudron.

Spake wicked hags,

And help great King Macbeth

Lead Macduff to his final breath.

Apparitions speak of time.

But thy shall not know what 'tis in thy stretch,

It shall surprise

Or the kingdom will untie.


by Mary Claire, Amy, Emily, Ben and Philip



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